3 in 1 Before and After Shave Cream
Shave, touch and feel a real difference. Hydrate your skin with our ultra-moisturizing 3-in-1 pure Shea Butter shave cream, which peels chemicals left from supermarket shave creams and coats the skin with a protective, invisible and transparent film that keeps skin moisturized
Did we say it is 100% pure and natural shave cream?

Dry skin can leave you exposed to the daily elements we face such as sun, wind, air conditioners, heat and on and on. Our 100% natural 3-in-1 before & after shave cream not only helps soothe your skin after shaving, it helps restore skin’s elasticity and helps reduce the appearance of aging. While you might not feel like you need anti-aging products now, a simple moisturizer can help lay the ground work for healthier looking skin in the future. It is never too early to take care of your skin. It is the only face you have and it deserves to be treated well!

For most men, store-bought shaving cream is a convenient option. They’ve probably been buying the same brand since they started shaving. However, many of these shaving creams have harmful ingredients that can irritate the skin.

Common toxic ingredients include:

  • Palmitic acid
  • Sulfates

  • Isopentane

  • Triethanolamine

  • Cetearyl Alcohol

    For a safer shave, use shaving cream made with all-natural ingredients, such as shea butter and palm kernel oil. The best shaving cream for men will help him get a better shave that will have him feeling moisturized and fresh afterward.

    You can easily use Organic SCA 3-in-1 before and after shea butter shaving cream on all types of skin. Just apply a thin coat of cream to your skin every morning after shaving. It’s that easy to keep your skin looking it’s best for years to come. This cream is formulated with 100% pure and natural ingredients. The ingredients used in the composition of this shaving cream include Shea butter and Palm kernel oil Infused with a subtle white tea fragrance which will leave your face smelling and feeling great all day.

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