Who we are

We started Organic SCA with a vision of natural beauty and committed to timeless products that bring out that special kind of confidence you only feel from cosmetics that mesh perfectly with your lifestyle.

While there is an abundance of shea butter products on the market today, touting its benefits, many of them only offer a relatively low content of shea butter. Our passion behind Organic SCA was to create truly natural products that contain high levels of this superior skincare ingredient.

We have developed a line of body creams based on natural ingredients; primarily, higher contents of 100% pure Shea Butter than almost any other cream on the market.

We put a lot of effort in limiting the use of non-organic agents in out creams, to make them safe to use, even on sensitive skin. Our creams are so gentle on the skin that they are safe enough for infants.
We pay careful attention to the subtle details of the human senses by adding a touch of white tea, which is the ultimate, luxurious spa fragrance. We believe that when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, your potential is limitless. That’s why our products and packaging are a holistic experience – The perfect harmony of function and Aesthetic.

Skincare Essentials
Skincare Essentials

Our commitment to you

We strive for excellence when developing our Natural formulas, and manufacture and design all of our products
in the U.S.A using the finest natural, safe, and effective ingredients that are better for your body.

We never test on animals except humans who volunteer to try Organic SCA.

We never use aluminum, parabens, sulfates or other nasty ingredients in any of our products.

No Compromises.

No shortcuts.

Behind the Brand


Line Kewe has a unique relationship and authority to shea butter within this family-run venture. She holds an M.S. in Sustainable Development, with a concentration in agricultural economics from Montpellier-France, a B.A. in Tropical Agronomy from the University of Florence-Italy, and an MBA in Financial Management. During her studies, Line worked with women’s associations in rural areas of Burkina Faso for six months, successfully formulating and implementing a strategic model to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of shea butter trademark, and product quality certification. As a result of her research, the data has been referenced in published articles on “Indication Géographique Protégée (IGP)” in Africa Line has been a life-long fan of shea butter, and with her distinctive perspective on the properties of shea butter, she is instrumental in sampling all Organic SCA products to ensure that only essential ingredients are used to make the products as natural as possible.

Jean Jacques

Jean Jacques Nya Ngatchou is a medical doctor, board-certified in Endocrinology, and passionate about medicine. Based in Seattle, he was named 2017 and 2019 Seattle Met Magazine’s Top Doctor.

Coming from a medical background, Dr Jean Jacques has a unique perspective in his wife’s company, Organic SCA, and enjoys helping customize the products to meet real-life concerns while ensuring that the formulas are designed to meet the requirements of a sophisticated consumer market.

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