100% Pure and Natural Healing Baby Diaper Cream-For Babies Sensitive Skin


About the product

  • Pure and Simple: Get the best diaper rash cream with everything your baby’s skin needs, without the hidden toxins, fragrances or dyes. Soothes and treats your baby’s nappy rash. Provides reliable protection for the nappy area. Protects from irritation & inflammation.
  • This cream is carefully crafted using the utmost care and using well known and trusted ingredients for baby care such as Organic Shea butter, palm kernel oil, vitamin E, Zinc-oxide to yield a beautiful and effective balm for your baby.
  • Non-allergenic saturating Soothe and ensure harsh, dry, dried out and bothered skin while leaving the territory feeling smooth and delicate it is a characteristic mending balm. Beeswax is added to give structure and assurance of calm, Vitamin E is entrenched to have the advantage to the skin and expands the time span of usability.
  • A quick acting answer for recuperating, relieving, and for nappy rash. Germicide recuperating cream for nappy rash and bed wounds. 100% normal fixings, without paraben, brutal synthetic substances free, scent free, cruelty-free.
  • Safe and Effective: We work closely with our chemists and production teams to ensure our ingredients, components and formulas meet the highest standards. You’ll notice our hypoallergenic formula is thicker and glides on easier than other balms thanks to our carefully selected and clinically proven ingredients including.



Natural Formulated Safety:

As a new or expecting mom, you want to do everything you can to keep your baby healthy, happy and safe. That’s where we come in. Organic Sca products are made just the way you’d make them — with simple, natural ingredients and a whole lot of love.

It’s a similar care and consideration that goes into each Organic Sca item, only somewhat more so since babies merit it. What’s more, since the skin is the biggest organ and retains what we put on it, we have to take additional uncommon care of it—for infant and for you.

An Extremely Perfect Solution for Nappy Rash:

Natural regular child diaper cream Original Diaper Rash Paste advances recuperating, mitigates, and keeps your infant’s diaper rash. Containing the most extreme level of zinc oxide, instantly shaping a defensive boundary to help recuperate and relieve diaper rash distress. Zinc oxide is commonly used to prevent or to treat diaper rash by forming a protective barrier between the skin and the diaper. Zinc oxide frames a defensive boundary against unreasonable wetness. Zinc Oxide is a FDA perceived fixing demonstrated to help avoid diaper rash.

Just pure healing goodness. Safe, effective, natural and nurturing organic shea butter products are also made for mom’s peace-of-mind. You can rest assured you’re giving your baby a gentle, soothing start to life, just as nature intended.

About The Seller

We have developed a line of creams based on natural ingredients; primarily Palm Kernel Oil and higher contents of Shea Butter than almost any other cream on the market. We put a lot of effort in limiting the use of non-organic agents in out creams, to make them safe to use, even on sensitive skin. Our creams are so gentle on the skin that they are safe enough for infants. We use White Tea for a natural and non-toxic fragrance.


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